Product Title : ASTROMAX (BLACK)
Manufacturer : BLITZWAY
Product No. : BW-BO-70101
Product Series : Blue Labo
Product Type : 1/6 Action Figure

[Product Detail]
Size Approx. :  W 125mm x D 92mm x H 325mm (Including Base)
Weight Approx. : 0.52kg (Product only) / 2kg (Including Carton) / 9.5kg (Including case carton)
Dimension Approx.
– Carton : W 427mm x D 260mm x H 190mm (1pc / 1carton)
– Case Carton : W 550mm x D 450mm x H 415mm (4pcs / 1carton)
*Dimension and weight could be changed later.


– Head : PVC, ABS, POM
– Body : ABS, POM, PVC
– Base & Accessories : ABS, Metal
– Costume : Fabric, Metal
– Package : Color Box + Sponge

[Shipping Details]

– Estimate Shipment : 2024, 1Q
– Price : 420$ (USD)
– UPC (Jan Code) : 8809321471931

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In honor of Coolrain, a prominent artist and a pioneering figure in Korea’s first-generation art toy scene, we’re
thrilled to unveil ‘Astromax,’ a special edition art toy commemorating his 20th anniversary. Created in
collaboration with Blitzway, this release marks the first production of the Coolrain x Blitzway ‘Astromax’ in over
10 years.

Coolrain’s Astromax series traces back to his work on the ‘Airmax x Lunar’ promotion on March 26, 2014,
celebrating Nike Air Max Day’s 27th anniversary. Drawing inspiration from the question, “What if a non-NASA
brand participated in space exploration?” Coolrain’s design features an astronaut suited up with space boots
and adorned with patches reminiscent of F1 racers, evoking a sense of adventure as they float through space.

Crafted using fabric that reminds of an actual authentic spacesuit for the head and boots, meticulous attention
to detail and precise manufacturing processes were necessary for this project. Through collaboration with
Blitzway, the Astromax retains the same high-quality standards as Coolrain’s original prototype.

The Coolrain x Blitzway ‘Astromax’ series will be available in four color variants. As a tribute to Coolrain’s two
decades in the industry, we hope this release holds special significance for collectors worldwide.

Product Specifications

– 30pcs Wapen stickers are included.
– One helmet Liner.


· Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
· Prototypes shown, final products may be slightly different.

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