The Mask of Zorro

Product Title : The Mask of Zorro
License : The Mask of Zorro (1998 Film) / Zorro Productions, TriStar Pictures
Manufacturer : BLITZWAY
Product No. : BW-UMS 11101
Product Series : Premium UMS
Product Type : 1/6 th Scale Action Figure
Size Approx. : H 305mm x W 100mm
Weight Approx. : TBD
Dimension Approx.
– Shipping Box : 422mm x 332mm x H 150mm
*Dimension and weight could be changed later.
– Head, Hair : PVC
– Body : PVC, ABS, POM
– Shoes : PVC
– Accessories : PVC, ABS, Metal,
– Costume : Fabric
– Package : Color Box + Blister
Release : 4Q, 2019
Price : $279 (USD)
UPC : 8809321479166

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– The Mask of Zorro -A Hero of Mexico, Zorro, steps in to put a stop to the long tyranny of injustice!

Wielding his sword and whip, the masked crusader fights in honor of the people to punish wrongdoers and restore justice to the people!

BLITZWAY proudly introduces sixth scale collectible figure of Alejandro Murrieta / Zorro (Antonio Banderas), the hero of the Mask of Zorro that captures the hearts of his fans!

“I like ‘Zorro.’ I like people you can believe that don’t have those stupid powers. That is the beauty of Zorro. He’s just a guy working for the people, to save the people.”
– Catherine Zeta-jones –

There are two versions of the head sculpt, masked and unmasked, while each figure shows the tough yet humorous characteristic traits of the character.

The highly detailed costume, various realistic and sophisticated props, and particular hands create a more dynamic visual of Zorro’s character.

Zorro’s humorous and exhilarating action sequences enrapture our minds! Take a look for yourself at the mask of zorro who fights gloriously for the peace of San Tasco!

“You know Zorro. He could be anywhere.”
– Alejandro Murrieta –

Product Specifications

· Highly detailed likeness of Antonio Banderas as Alejandro Murrieta ; Zorro in The Mask of Zorro, 1998 portrait
· 2 Highly detailed likeness of Zorro heads – Masked head / Unmasked head
· Newly designed and developed male body with over 30 points of articulations
· Newly designed and developed figure stand
· 1 Right grip hand for sword
· 1 Right grip hand for hat
· 1 Pair of grip hands for stick and whip
· 1 Right gesture hand
· 1 Left relaxed hand
· 1 Left open hand

Costume & Accessories
· 1 Black shirts
· 1 Black pants
· 1 Black patterned cape
· 1 Black Hat
· 1 Pair of patterned boots
· 1 Necklace
· 1 Movable whip
· 1 Set of Long Sword
· 1 Set of Dagger
· 1 Belt
· 1 Cane
· 1 Audition poster
· 1 Set of figure stand


· Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
· Prototypes shown, final products may be slightly different.


· Producer : Won Choi, SungWoong Bae
· Planner : SungWoong Bae
· Chief Director : K Kwon
· Marketing : Won Choi
· Director : Typhoon Kim
· Production Management : K Kwon
· Product Designer & Supervisor : Hai Lim
· Head Sculpt & Supervisor : Woochul Ji, Yongkyum Kim
· Head Paint : Yelim Choi
· 3D Works : Habin Wang, Sohyun Kim
· Accessories : Woochul Ji, Ara Jo, Refe Yoon
· Costume Fabrication : Hai Lim
· Body & Stand : Hyeok Jeon
· Accessories Paint : Kwangse Oh, Jungwoo Park
· Assistant manager : Eric Lee
· Photographer : Shingiru Studio
· Editor of Photography : Zhou Hai, Yoon Jang
· Package Design : Zhou Hai, Yoon Jang

The BLITZWAY Design & Development Team
Manufactured by BLITZWAY CO., LTD.

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