Urgent Notice for Shipping Fees



With the recent Chinese EMS’ pricing policy change and the reduced number of flights being operated, we have no choice but to announce
that there has been a significant increase in shipping fee.


The previous EMS’ pricing policy priced fees by actual package weight, as opposed to  FEDEX and DHL which price fees by volume weight,
and we tried our best to deliver goods at the cheapest rate possible for our clients. However, we are urgently announcing our decision
to change the shipping cost standard to volume weight and a drastic increase in shipping fees due to the reduced number of available flights.


If products which clients have already purchased are shipped at the time the fare normalizes, the shipping fee for those products will return to
its previous price. However, since it is unclear  when the fare will return to its previous state, please kindly check the shipping fee
on future orders  and decide whether to proceed with the orders or cancel them. We promise to issue a full refund of your prepaid expenses
if you decide to cancel your orders.


Thank you.