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Joker (Joker 2019 film)

    • Product Code : MMJK-01 / MMJK-01S (including Bonus Part)
    • Product Name : Joker (Joker 2019 film)
    • Product Size : Approximately H 70cm W 35cm D 38.2cm
    • Product Weight : Approximately 15 kg
    • Net Weight : Approximately 17.8 kg (including Package)
    • Shipping Box Dimension : Approximately H 49cm W 55cm D 74.5cm
    • Total Shipping Box Weight : Approximately 19.6 kg
    • Estimate Shipment : April – June 2021
    • Retail Price : 1299 USD
    • JAN Code : 4582535943305 (MMJK-01) / 4582535943312 (MMJK-01S)
    • Limited Edition : TBD


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” When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?” – Arthur Fleck


The most HUMANISTIC Joker. A perfectly new version of Joker.

JOKER (2019). A film that depicts the process of Arthur Fleck, who is forced to make a smile with his fingers and endure a ridiculously painful life,
falling into the depths of darkness and liberating his inner violence and madness, slowly turning himself into the “JOKER”.


To celebrates The Joker: 80 years of the Clown Prince of Crime, Blitzway and Prime 1 Studio are proud to announce the second collaboration work
about the masterpiece The Joker 1:3 Scale statue based on a film that depicts the birth of Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix. While sharing the common
goal of creating the best Joker of all time through this project, we were able to create the best masterpiece through close cooperation and
developmental exchanges throughout the entire production process, from concept design, production, shooting, and the announcement of the project.


Starting from the very small details, we poured all of our efforts into recreating the appearance of Joker, including the vivid facial expressions,
costumes that have been realistically scaled down, a diorama base that has been designed from the iconic scenes of the movie, and main props
that can connect the fragments of the movie that exists in the memories of the fans.


Under the perfect direction of Blitzway and Prime 1 Studio, the skills and aesthetics of Blitzway’s world-class specialists were combined
to create the ultimate, beautiful piece of art.


Now, get ready to meet the sensuous, sophisticated piece of art that could be the centerpiece of your collection!


MMJK-01/MMJK-01S: Joker (Joker 2019 film)

– Statue Size approximately 28 inches tall [H 70cm W 35cm D 38.2cm]
– Highly detailed likeness of Arthur Fleck; the Joker portrait
– Stylish tailored suit jacket designed to set freely
– Accurately embodied iconic props and accessories
– Realistically designed theme base from one of the iconic scenes in the film
– Two (2) pairs of interchangeable hand parts with different expressions
– Nine (9) movable iconic props: Gun, Magic Flower Wand, Joke Book, Broken Signboard, “Don’t Forget To Smile” Poster, Pictures & Condition Card, Rat and Bag
– One (1) Bonus movable iconic props: Clown Mask (Early Pre-Order Bonus)
★ Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★ Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.


  • Producer: Won Choi, SungWoong Bae, Prime 1 Studio
  • Planner: SungWoong Bae, John Ton Pham
  • Executive Director: K Kwon, Johnny Pham
  • Marketing: Won Choi, John Ton Pham
  • Senior Director: Typhoon Kim
  • Production Management: K Kwon
  • Director: Rainman
  • Planning Supervisor: Hai Lim
  • Art Supervisor: K.A. Kim
  • Head & Body sculpt: K.A.Kim, Ingu Kim
  • Head & Body paint: K.A.Kim
  • Costume fabrication: Hai Lim, SangHee
  • Accessories modeling: Inho Hwang, Eo Jin
  • Diorama Base: reFe Yoon, Inho Hwang, Prime 1 Studio
  • Accessories & Base Paint: Rainman, Kwangse Oh, Eo Jin
  • Assistant manager: Eric Lee, Xiaofu Liang, Lang Xu
  • Photographer : Shingiru Studio
  • Editor of Photography: Prime 1 Studio
  • Package Design: Yoon Jang, Zhou Hai, Prime 1 Studio
  • The Blitzway Design & Development Team
  • The Prime 1 Studio Design & Development Team
  • Manufactured by: BLITZWAY CO., LTD. in collaboration with PRIME 1 STUDIO CO., LTD.