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Astroboy-Clear ver. Pack

Clear ver. Pack


  • License : Astro Boy
  • Licensor : Tezuka Productions
  • Product No. : BW-NS-50201
  • Product Type : Superb Anime Statue (Non scale)
  • Product Size : H 300mm W 110mm
  • Product Weight : Approx. 4kg (including Package)
    Dimension (Shipping Box) : Approx. W 340mm x L 155mm x H 585mm
    (Carton) : Approx. W 690mm x L 595mm x H 330mm (4pcs/1carton)
    (Dimension and weight could be changed later.)
  • Release : 2Q, 2021
  • Price : 329 USD
  • UPC : 8809321479401
  • Limited Edition : TBD

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South Korea
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The buzzing sound of electronic equipment fills the lab. The rapid moving robotic arms are elaborately assembling body parts of a robot.
Along the line, the precision laser module neatly welds the individual body parts into a whole.
On a cold metal bed, Astro Boy’s heart starts beating warmly.
Here’s the second version of Blitzway Astro Boy, which was once praised for its cute appearance and intricate mechanical details.
The new Astro Boy has a transparent cover all over his body so that the captivating curved silhouette and inner detail can be appreciated.
Also, the previous metal cover for used to cover half of Astro Boy can be combined with the other transparent half.

The glaring lights and the assembly bed that inherited the DX base, which enabled the storage space for all the loose parts, also come with their own surprising features.
Two robotic arms and two precision laser modules display a realistic scene as if they are in the middle of the assembly line.
The linear motor module inside the assembly bed can make Astro Boy slowly stand up.
Through the main power cables, you can display Astro Boy the state of charging.

The inspiring moment of the birth of Astro Boy, we hope that the feeling is conveyed through this product presented by Blitzway.


    • 1. Face, Hand : PVC, Transparent PC
    • 2. Body : ABS, Metal, POM, Transparent PC
    • 3. Base : ABS
    • 4. Equipment : LED
    • 5. Package : Color Box + Styrofoam


[BW-NS 50201] Astro Boy Clear ver. Pack – Superb Anime Statue (Non scale)

Highly detailed likeness of Astro Boy from the original comics.
Upper and lower moving neck, rotating wrist.
Front removable and full body or half body replaceable exterior parts.
Rear exterior parts are alloy metal parts.
Front of exterior parts are clear PC parts.
5 LEDs light-up functions on the Astro Boy.

1 Clear face part
1 Clear half face part
1 Clear chest part
1 Clear half chest part
1 Pair of clear arm cover parts
3 Pairs of hands (fist hands, open hands, machine hands)
1 Clear pants part
1 Clear half pants part
1 Pair of clear leg cover parts
1 Pair of clear shoes parts
1 Display stand
1 Separation lever
1 Astro Boy instruction manual

★ Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★ Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
★ 3 of mercury cell batteries (LR41) required in the Astro Boy.


    • Producer : Won Choi, SungWoong Bae
    • Planner : SungWoong Bae
    • Executive Director : K Kwon
    • Marketing : Won Choi
    • Senior Director : Typhoon Kim
    • Production Management : K Kwon
    • Director: Rainman
    • Planning Supervisor: Kon Kuk Kim
    • Art Supervisor: Kwangse Oh
    • Design & 3D works : Kon Kuk Kim, Yoon jang
    • Paint : Kwangse Oh, Habin Wang, reFe Yoon
    • Assistant manager : Eric Lee, XiaoFu Liang, Lang Xu
    • Photographer : Shingiru Studio
    • Editor of Photography : Changkyu Kim, Zhou Hai
    • Package Design : Yoon Jang, Zhou Hai
    • The Blitzway Design & Development Team
    • Manufactured by : BLITZWAY CO., LTD.