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HUNTERS : Day After WWlll– BERBAKAT ZV Test Type-0

    • Series : HUNTERS : Day After WWlll
    • Designer : BHEADworks
    • Product No. : BW-UMS-10601
    • Product Type : Premium UMS (1/6th Scale Action Figure)
    • Product Size : Approximately H 390mm W 200mm (Including Diorama Base)
    • Product Weight : TBD
    • Dimension (Shipping Box) : Approximately L 440mm W 340mm H 270mm (Dimension and weight could be changed later.)
    • UPC : 8809321479111
    • Release : 3Q, 2019
    • Price : USD 299 $
    • Limited Edition : TBD


記憶裝置小女Nobody knows if this is a search for hope or just awakening the devil…
BHEADworks (Artist Yeongyun, Jung) has been received much love and appreciation by presenting sensual figures of the outlook on the world of dystopia.
It is such a pleasure to officially present ‘BERBAKAT ZV.TT-0’ in BLITZWAY, which was the second character of BHEADworks’ original design figures, ‘Hunters: Day after WWIII’.
There’s really no reason for a combat weapon, the horror of the battleground, to look like a human, but for whatever reason, Berbakat resembles a person.
Test type Lady Zhiva Voda Berbakat appears like a slender girl, but you are sure to freeze up in fear the moment you lay eyes on the girl with that expressionless face
who fires a tank gun bigger than her own body without hesitation.

– BERBAKAT Character Story –

It tells the fate of humans and machines on the border of life and death, existence and absence, unconsciousness and consciousness.
We created a rough yet sophisticated work. It expressed the mystery of feeling both realistic and unrealistic.
This stylish artwork, full of rich colors, realistic shapes, and logical elements will be a new joy to your collection.
Please do not miss this opportunity if you want to experience a different level of beauty and intense sensation!


  • 1. Head, Hair : PVC
  • 2. Body : PVC, ABS, POM
  • 3. Hand, Shoes : PVC
  • 4. Accessories : PVC, ABS, Metal
  • 5. Costume : Fabric
  • 6. Base : Polystone, PVC, ABS
  • 7. Package : Color Box + Blister


[BWUMS-10201] Hunters : Day After WWIII – BERBAKAT ZV.TT-0 / 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

BHEADworks’s illustration
Approximately 290mm tall
Newly developed original designed head sculpt and make-up
Highly detailed original designed realistic equipment
Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits
Newly designed and developed female body with over 20 points of articulations
Highly detailed POLYSTONE diorama base (Approx. 390mm tall, including figure)

1 Pink-beige camisole top
1 Beige leggings
1 Pair of blue-green arm protectors
1 Pair of protective gloved hands
1 Pair of high heels

1 Luxurious and weighty POLYSTONE diorama base.
1 Set of full face headgear
1 Set of abdominal protective pad
1 Oxygen circulation system gear
1 Anti-materiel customized rifle
1 Revolver
1 Grenade
1 Zhiva Voda (Memory unit)
3 Bracelets
2 Necklaces

★ Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★ Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different


  • Producer : Won Choi, SungWoong Bae
  • Planner : SungWoong Bae
  • Chief Director : K Kwon
  • Marketing : Won Choi
  • Director : Typhoon Kim
  • Production Management : K Kwon
  • Design & Illustration : BHEADworks
  • Art director & Supervisor : Hai Lim
  • 3D works : reFe Yoon
  • Sculpt : Kwangse Oh, YongKyum Kim
  • Head Paint : Yelim Choi
  • Paint : BHEADworks
  • Diorama Base : BHEADworks
  • Costume Design & Fabrication : Hai Lim
  • Assistant manager : Eric Lee
  • Photographer : Shingiru Studio
  • Editor of Photography : Yoon Jang
  • Package Design : Yoon Jang
  • The Blitzway Design & Development Team
  • Manufactured by : BLITZWAY CO., LTD.