Where’s Wally? “Wally” (1/6 scale)

Product Title : Where’s Wally? “Wally” (1/6 scale)
License : Where’s Wally? / DreamWorks Distribution Limited.
Manufacturer : BLITZWAY
Product No. : 5PRO-MG-20301
Product Series : MEGAHERO
Product Type : 1/6 Scale Action Figure
Size Approx. : W 150mm x L 120mm x H 340mm
Dimension Approx.
– Package : 360mm x 200mm x H 170mm
– Carton : 390mm x 385mm x H 190mm
– Case Carton : 625mm x 410mm x H 410mm
(*3 pcs / 1 Carton)
*Dimension and weight could be changed later.
– Head: PVC
– Body: ABS, PVC
– Shoes & Accessories: ABS, PVC, Fabric
– Stand: ABS, Metal
– Costume: Fabric
– 2D Gifts: Paper
– Package: Color Box + Blister
Release : 3Q, 2021
Price : $189 (USD)
UPC : 8809321479487

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“Have you found Wally yet?”

BLITZWAY presents the Wally from ‘Where’s Wally?’, the first 1/6 scale MEGAHERO series.

Wally is an iconic character beloved by many fans since its debut as a children’s puzzle book called ‘Where’s Wally?’ in 1987.

BLITZWAY has taken the character from the book and brought him into the real world for all the ‘Where’s Wally?’ fans.

This 1/6 scale Wally action figure features the highly detailed Wally head sculpt, the newly designed body that allows for Wally’s signature poses, elaborately tailored Wally’s outfit, and various accessories.

Do not miss this adorable Wally, and bring him home for your collection right now!

Product Specifications

· Highly detailed likeness of Wally in ‘Where’s Wally?’ book
· Newly designed and developed male body of Wally
· Ten (10) pieces of replaceable hands
· The newly designed spinnable figure stand
· Six (6) stand decorating parts

· One (1) newly tailored red and white striped sweater
· One (1) blue pants
· One (1) pair of brown boots

· One (1) travel backpack
· One (1) cross-body bag
· One (1) snorkeling gear
· One (1) pair of binoculars
· One (1) camera bag
· One (1) belt
· One (1) hammer
· One (1) kettle
· One (1) cup
· One (1) cane
· One (1) shovel
· One (1) ‘Where’s Wally?’ book
· One (1) extra black-framed glasses with winking eyes (Early Pre-Order Bonus)

2D Gifts:
· One (1) ‘Where’s Wally?’ postcard
· One (1) ‘Where’s Wally?’ stickers pack


· Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
· Prototypes shown, final products may be slightly different.


· Producer: Won Choi, SungWoong Bae
· Planner: SungWoong Bae
· Executive director: K Kwon
· Marketing: Won Choi
· Senior director: Typhoon Kim
· Production management: K Kwon
· Art supervisor: Kwangse Oh
· Head sculpt: Habin Wang
· Body sculpt: Habin Wang, Yoon Jang
· Painting: Kwangse Oh
· Costume fabrication: Hai Lim, SangHee
· 3D works: Habin Wang, Yoon Jang
· Base design: Yoon Jang
· Assistant artist: Kyoungwook Kim
· Assistant manager: Eric Lee, Lang Xu
· Photographer: Refe Yoon
· Editor of photography: Changkyu Kim, Yoon Jang, Zhou Hai
· Package design: Changkyu Kim, Yoon Jang, Zhou Hai

The BLITZWAY Design & Development Team
Manufactured by BLITZWAY CO., LTD.

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