Kantam Robo

Product Title : Kantam Robo
Manufacturer : BLITZWAY
Product No. :  BW-CA-10701
Product Series : CARBOTIX
Product Type : Non Scale Action Figure

[Product Detail]
Size Approx. : W 95 mm x H 170 mm
Weight Approx. 420g (Product Only) / 650g (Including Package)
Dimension Approx.
– Package : W 141 mm x D 224 mm x H 94 mm
– Case Carton : W 470mm x D 305mm x H 405mm (16 pcs / 1 carton)
*Dimension and weight could be changed later.

– Figure : ABS, PVC, Die-cast
– Accessories : PVC, Acrylic
– Package : Blister + Color box

Estimate Shipment: 1Q, 2024
Price: 99$(USD)
UPC : 8809321479869

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Blitzway presents the Kantam Robo of the Carbotix Line!
In line with the release date of the 3D Crayon Shin-Chan Movie, ”Shin Jigen! Crayon Shin-chan the Movie”, which is scheduled for August 4, 2023, Blitzway’s superconducting Kantam Robo is unveiled. With a size of 17cm, it is designed to be easily handled without any burden.
This Blitzway Kantam Robo features specially developed joints, allowing for various poses seen in the movie, including the iconic “hip walking” pose! The range of motion has been maximized to enable a wide array of poses, just like the Kantam Robo in the animation. Additionally, the product is designed to be easy to handle with an adult’s palm size and made with generous use of alloy to provide a solid and substantial feel.
With meticulous attention to detail, the colored Kantam Robo exhibits its characteristic metallic color, complemented by a two-tone finish with intricate green accents, making it a delight to behold. Furthermore, the interchangeable hand parts, rocket parts for Kantam Punch, and the wings on its back can also be used as boomerangs, allowing for versatile scene setups. Additionally, you can recreate a scene from the animation by placing the small acrylic figure of Shin-chan on the head of the Kantam Robo!
Moreover, the production process of Blitzway’s Kantam Robo and behind-the-scenes stories from the production producers will soon be revealed on the Carbotics Line mechanical team blog, “MECHALOG.” Stay tuned to catch a glimpse of it!

Product Specifications

– Designed joints for posing various movements of original animation
– Two(2) KANTAM PUNCH effect parts
– Six(6) swappable hand parts
– Four(4) acrylic Shin-Chan Figures


· Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
· Prototypes shown, final products may be slightly different.


– Producer: Sungwoong Bae, HyuckChul Kwon
– Planner: Won Choi
– Executive Director: HyuckChul Kwon
– Marketer: Won Choi, Inae Kang
– Art Director: K. A. KIM
– Art Supervisor: Konkuk Kim
– Product Designer: Konkuk Kim, Sanghyuk Yoon
– Painter: Kwangse Oh
– Assistant Painter: Im Sae-Kyul
– Accessories: Daehwan Hwang, Zhou Hai
– Public Relations: Jueun Lee
– Casting: BLITZWAY Casting Team
– Product Design and Development: BLITZWAY Design Team
– Assistant manager : Eric Lee, Lang Xu
– Photo: Jonghwan Shin, Sanghyuk Yoon
– Editor of Photography: Zhou Hai, Sunghyun Kim
– Package Design: Zhou Hai, Sunghyun Kim

The BLITZWAY Design & Development Team
Manufactured by BLITZWAY CO., LTD.


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