Black Voltron (Base)

Black Voltron (Base)


Product Title : Black Voltron (Base)
Licensor : Voltron / DreamWorks Distribution Limited. LLC.
Manufacturer : BLITZWAY
Product No. : BW-CA-11102
Product Series : CARBOTIX
Product Type : Non Scale Action Figure

[Product Detail]
Size Approx. : W 360mm x D 270mm x H 260mm
Weight Approx. : 950 g (Product only) / 2.2kg (Including Package) / 14.5kg (Case carton)
Dimension Approx.
– Package : W 445 mm x D 375 mm x H 89 mm
– Carton : W 465 mm x D 395 mm x H 110 mm  (1pc / 1 Carton)
– Case Carton: W 690 mm  x D 480 mm x H 410 mm (6pcs / 1 Carton)
*Dimension and weight could be changed later.

– Estimate Shipment : 2024, 2Q
– Price : 200$ (USD)
– UPC (Jan Code) : 8809321472204


– Base : ABS, Magnet 
– Package : Color Box + Styrofoam

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Utilize the dedicated display base for “Black Voltron” to create dynamic and diverse presentations of the character!

This specially crafted base, designed exclusively for “Black Voltron,” features a unique color scheme and offers two display options: the “Lion State,” showcasing the five lions, and the “Robot State,” representing the fully assembled Voltron.

Additionally, the base boasts a concealed feature that many collectors have eagerly anticipated: internal storage functionality. Enclosed within are numerous weapon parts, allowing for versatile play options. The base’s structural design enables neat storage of replaced parts!

With its tailored design, collectors can explore endless customization possibilities, creating their own striking displays of “Black Voltron”!

Product Specifications

– Display Stands x 5 (2 Ways)
– Display Base x 1
– Seventeen (17) Various Voltron Weapons
– One (1) Display Base with The Weapon Storage Function


· Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
· Prototypes shown, final products may be slightly different.


– Producer: Sungwoong Bae, HyuckChul Kwon 
– Planner: Won Choi
– Executive Director: HyuckChul Kwon
– Marketer: Won Choi, Inae Kang, SangWook Park
– Art Director:  K. A. KIM
– Art Supervisor: Konkuk Kim
– Product Designer: Konkuk Kim
– Painting : Hansol Yu, Kim Deokhyun
– Public Relations: Jueun Lee
– Casting: BLITZWAY Casting Team
– Concept Design: BLITZWAY Design Team
– Photo: Jonghwan Shin
– Editor of Photography: Zhou Hai, Sunghyun Kim, Lindsey Lee
– Package Design: Zhou Hai, Sunghyun Kim, Lindsey Lee

The BLITZWAY Design & Development Team 
Manufactured by BLITZWAY CO., LTD.

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