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‘Ghostbusters, 1984’– Dr.3 Pack

  • License : Ghostbusters, 1984
  • Licensor : Sony Columbia Pictures
  • Product No. : BW-UMS10105 [Peter Venkman +Raymond Stantz+ Egon Spengler]
  • Product Type : Premium UMS (1/6th Scale Vehicle)
  • Product Size : Approximately H 305mm W 100mm
  • Product Weight : TBD
  • Dimension (Shipping Box) : TBD
  • UPC : 8809321478954
  • Release : 2Q-3Q 2018
  • Price : 672 USD
  • Limited Edition : TBD.


  • Chief Producer : Won Choi
  • Chief Director : K Kwon
  • Marketing : Won Choi
  • Production Management : K Kwon
  • Head Sculpt & Painting : K.A. Kim
  • Art director & Supervisor : Hai Lim
  • Costume Fabrication : Hai Lim
  • Accessories 3D Work : 5PRO STUDIO / Hyeok Jeon / IL Kim
  • Accessories Painting : Master-B
  • Photographer : Shingiru Studio
  • Package Design : Hongbaksa
  • Editor of Photography : Hongbaksa
  • The Blitzway Design & Development Team
  • Manufactured by : BLITZWAY


Who ya gonna call?
Ghostbusters, 1984 is a American comedy film directed and produced by Ivan Reitman
The film stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis as three eccentric parapsychologists who start a ghost-catching business in New York City, and Ernie Hudson as the Ghostbusters’ first recruit.
Now the four Ghostbusters are rebooted here to save the collectible world.
Blitzway is very proud to officially present the legend figure of Peter Venkman in 1/6th scale from the movie of original Ghostbusters.
It features a highly detailed likeness head sculpt, accurate tailored costumes, brand new fully articulated body, various realistic accessories, and perfect realizations of Bill Murray as Peter Venkman.
We have been preparing for so long with Best Artists to craft the real masterpiece figure that best expresses a propensity, a character, and a meaning.
Please don’t miss the opportunity to add this legend character to your collection!
This Dr. 3 Pack [BW-UMS10105] includes
[BW-UMS10101 ] – Peter Venkman Sixth Scale Collectible Figure
[BW-UMS10102 ] – Raymond Stantz Sixth Scale Collectible Figure
[BW-UMS10103 ] – Egon Spengler Sixth Scale Collectible Figure
Special Gift : Slimer with stand