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Cutthroat Island, 1995– Morgan Adams

  • License : Morgan Adams – Cutthroat Island, 1995
  • Licensor : STUDIOCANAL
  • Product No. : BW-UMS 10501
  • Product Type : Premium UMS (1/6th Scale Action Figure)
  • Product Size : Approximately H 305mm W 100mm
  • Product Weight : TBD
  • Dimension (Shipping Box) : Approximately L 240mm W 370mm H 170mm (Dimension and weight could be changed later.)
  • UPC : 8809321479104
  • Release : 1Q, 2019
  • Price : USD 265 $
  • Limited Edition : TBD


    • 1. Head, Hair : PVC, Synthetic fiber
    • 2. Body : PVC, ABS, POM
    • 3. Shoes : PVC, Fabric
    • 4. Accessories : PVC, ABS, Metal
    • 5. Costume : Fabric
    • 6. Package : Color Box + Blister


“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything” – Geena Davis –

Under the background of the Caribbean Sea in 1668, the “Morning Star” ship crossing over the deep blue sea and waving its skull flag and,
Morgan Adams, the brave and beautiful pirate captain going on a treacherous journey to avenge her father and find treasure.

Now, Blitzway proudly introduces a sixth scale collectible figure of Morgan Adams (Geena Davis), the main role in the movie ‘Cutthroat Island’ which still vividly remains in the memory of many fans!

The head sculpting and painting, precisely depicted as Morgan Adam’s strong yet beautiful appearance and impression in the movie.
Refined pirate costume, produced through detailed, intricate processing.
The female body, revealing a beautiful line newly developed and released for the first time.
Many various props reproduced with realistic details and colors.
Even with a specially designed ‘Morning Star’ stand and the cute secondary character, ‘King Charles’ the monkey!

The attractive pirate captain that made you dream of becoming a pirate and going on mystical adventures during your childhood; Don’t miss this great opportunity to add her to your collection!


[BW-UMS 10501] – Morgan Adams. Sixth scale collectible figure

Highly detailed likeness of Geena Davis as Morgan Adams in Cutthroat Island,1995 portrait
Newly designed and developed female body with over 20 points of articulations
Newly developed face with movie accurate facial expression and make-up
Long curly realistic dark brown hair transplant
Approximately 29 cm tall
1 Pair of hands for holding scope
1 Pair of gloved hands for holding swords
1 Right hand for holding pistol
1 Left hand for holding sword
1 Right saluting hand
1 Left hand for holding bottle

1 Dark navy tailored pirate jacket
1 White authentic shirts
1 Red Inner pants
1 Dark navy pirate pants
1 Black pirate hat
1 Red cloth belt
1 Pair of long leather boots
1 Monkey pants

1 King Charles the monkey
1 Liquor bottle
1 Necklace
3 Treasure maps
1 Short sword & sheath
1 Long sword & sheath
1 Flintlock pistol
1 Powder keg
1 Belt set
1 Telescope
1 Marine chart
1 Wanted poster
1 Designed diorama stand

★ Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★ Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.


  • Producer : Won Choi, SungWoong Bae
  • Planner : SungWoong Bae
  • Chief Director : K Kwon
  • Marketing : Won Choi
  • Director : Typhoon Kim
  • Production Management : K Kwon
  • Product Designer & Supervisor : Hai Lim
  • Chief Sculptor & Supervisor : YongKyum Kim
  • Head Sculpt & Paint : Hyunji Kim
  • Accessories Paint : Hyunji Kim, Kwangse Oh
  • Costume Fabrication : Hai Lim
  • 3D Works : Hyeok Jeon
  • Assistant manager : Eric Lee
  • Photographer : Shingiru Studio
  • Editor of Photography : Yoon Jang
  • Package Design : Yoon Jang
  • The Blitzway Design & Development Team
  • Manufactured by : BLITZWAY CO., LTD.