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  • License : Blitzway
  • Series : The Real
  • Product No. : BW-SS-20201
  • Product Type : Superb Scale Statue, (1/4 scale) Hybrid type
  • Product Size : Approximately W 560mm L 710mm H 900mm
  • Product Weight :
  • BOX A : Approximately 23.5 Kg (including Package)
  • BOX B : Approximately 39 Kg (including Package)
  • Dimension (Shipping Box) :
  • BOX A : Approximately W 745mm x L 1020mm x H 420mm
  • BOX B : Approximately W 745mm x L 1020mm x H 420mm
  • (Dimension and weight could be changed later.)
  • UPC :
  • BOX A : 8809321479074
  • BOX B : 8809321479067
  • Release : 3Q, 2019
  • Price : 1,190 USD
  • Limited Edition : TBD.


  • Head, Body : Polystone
  • Accessories : Polystone, PVC, ABS, Metal
  • Diorama Base : Polystone, PVC, ABS
  • Costume : Fabric
  • Equipments : LED, Electrical components.
  • Package : Color EPP + Color Box


  • Producer : Won Choi, SungWoong Bae
  • Director : K Kwon
  • Marketing : Won Choi
  • Planner : SungWoong Bae
  • Production Management : K Kwon
  • Art director & Supervisor : Hai Lim
  • Design & 3D modeling : Hyeok Jeon
  • Assistant manager : Eric Lee
  • Painting : Master-B
  • Costume Fabrication : Hai Lim
  • Photographer : Shingiru Studio
  • Package Design : Yoon Jang, J.Hyun Park
  • The Blitzway Design & Development Team
  • Manufactured by : BLITZWAY Co., Ltd.
Special Thanks to NASA, Canadian Space Agency


That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind -Neil Armstrong
Blitzway’s new project series ‘The Real’
We finally unveil the first protagonist of the series “1/4 scale Spaceman Statue – Astronaut”!
The longing for the universe with infinite mystery! A trip to space that anyone would have dreamed of!
We are very proud to be able to present the footsteps of mankind toward the wondrous universe as a realistic statue.In this project, we tried to express realistic and sophisticated images of the actual NASA astronaut’s appearance and robot arm shape as fully as possible, and vividly reproduced the extravehicular activities in zero gravity.In addition, We have been approved by NASA and Canadian Space Agency for use in the artistic interpretation of space suits and robotic arms.
Once again, we sincerely thank both organizations.
The universe is near us. Try to feel it in front of you now!


[BW-SS20201] – ASTRONAUT (ISS EMU ver.) 1/4 Scale Statue
Highly Detailed likeness of EMU Space Suit
Precise and Highly Detailed Equipments
Exquisitely Tailored Outfit
Highly Detailed likeness of the SSRMS Robotic Arm
Highly Detailed Diorama Base likeness of the Quest Joint Airlock in ISS
4 LED Light-up functions on the Helmet
2 freely movable Connecting Wires
Interchangeable 20 National Flags & 9 Mission Patches
★ Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
★ Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
★ Battery is not included. 2 of AAA Batteries required.
This product has been approved by NASA
This product has been approved by CSA
The CSA does not approve the technical aspect of this model; only accept the artistic interpretation of the product.